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  1. Janet Barton says

    No offense taken. I appreciate your opinion. This has forced me to do some needed research on advertising in general. I rather agree with everything you have said. I asked my children their opinion and they said they hardly noticed the ads. They claim it's because their generation has been raised around such advertising and they completely ignore it. I get annoyed with pop ups and enlargements on blogs and other sites. You have given me a lot to think about. I'm sure you will notice my decision in the future. Thanks again.

  2. Anonymous says

    PLEASE go back to your old format without all of the advertisements! They are so distracting to your otherwise beautiful blog.

    • Janet Barton says

      I appreciate your comment. This has been a topic that I have battled since I first started my blog. I didn't want to clutter my blog with a ton of advertisements. I, too, dislike cluttered blogs. I have been experimenting the past few months with header ads that were suggested by Blogher to help boost viewability. Meaning??? It does help to know how readers feel about their presence on my front page. I'm with you because I don't love having them there. On the other hand I spend a minimum of 10-12 hours per post. It would be nice to receive some type of revenue for my time and expenses. Right now I calculated that I make anywhere from .10 – .20 cents an hour. I basically earn a little money from time to time that I stash away to take my grandkids shopping. However, I keep reminding myself that I started this blog to help my children and others learn how to cook good food. It began as a service and maybe it should remain so. Stay tuned while I sort this all out. Thanks again for your feed back.

    • Anonymous says

      Thanks for your reply. I can understand your dilemma – I can only imagine the time it takes to photograph, upload, write, maintain, etc…all that goes into blogging. And you deserve a paycheck for your efforts. However, I have seen so many of what I once considered such a beautiful source of family recipes, turn into a not-so-subtle, in-your-face, commercialized advertising blast, that I no longer enjoy visiting those sites, and mostly avoid them. I was disappointed when I saw your site had adopted these advertising schemes, because it is so distracting and frankly, irritating. We, the public, are bombarded by advertising at every turn.
      I have LOVED your blog, and it is one of the BEST I have found and check back frequently for updates. You have an obvious talent for cooking, photography, and blogging. Your talent and family values shine through this blog. I do not want to discourage you because of all these reasons. I admire your cooking skills and the patience and dedication you show by sharing what you know in each post. Maybe I am just too sensitive to the ads – I just don't like them. At all.
      But, perhaps there is a compromise? More inconspicuous, less animated, and less colorful ads?
      Please don't take offense. I know this is your blog and you can do as you please. I just wanted to let you know how I felt about your 'new look'. I am simply one opinion, but I wanted to convey to you, without reservation, my thoughts – for whatever it's worth.

  3. Pots and Pins says

    Hi Janet! This looks amazing! And I love that you put your Eiffel Tower in the garden – so cool! Can you please tell me where the Jensen Farm stand is at? I'd love to send my parents over there (they live in Sandy, very near you!) Thanks, xoxo, Nan

  4. Jen says

    I love your style of cooking. Your pictures and the way you talk about food keep bringing me back. I am a young single adult and have made several of your recipes and have loved your words of 'garbage in, garbage out'. I started following your blog a couple years ago when I was a BYU student. You have inspired me to slowing transition to higher quality ingredients (also graduating a year ago helped shift the budget a bit). Where is this farm located? It looks wonderful! Fresh produce and raw local honey are some of my favorite things!

    • Janet Barton says

      Thank you for your kind comments. I have had 3 children graduate from BYU one more to go. I'm so glad you found my blog. I don't have an exact address but it is on 114th S. 700 W. Going west on 114th turn left on 700 West and drive south for about a mile. At the bottom of the hill, the stand will be on your left. Prices are fabulous for such fresh produce. I hope you have a chance to swing by.

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