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  1. I love this bread, but i have a terrible time SlIcing it because thE top and bottom crests are so hard. Once i finally break through the top crusT, the middle is fine, and then i have to “saw” the bottom crust, too. It is very moist so i donT think im over cooking it. Suggestions?

    • Hi Carol, A gummy interior can be a problem for sure. Try adding 1/4 cup MORE flour and bake 5 minutes longer with the lid on and cooling completely before slicing. This might help. Sometimes the crust can be hard to get through. Try putting your pot in the oven when you first turn it on. As soon as the oven temp reaches 450 drop the dough in at that point and bake according to directions. To clarify don’t preheat oven to 450 and THEN put the pot in the oven for 30 minutes to preheat. Let me know if this doesn’t work.

  2. Hi! Someone in my Myspace group shared this site with uus so I came to
    check it out. I’m definiteely loving the information.
    I’m bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers!
    Superb blog and amazing style and design.

  3. will my roll be soft, tender like ordinary bread? i don’t want to have crust on my roll,
    and if i use bread flour, do i need to add more water? i’m afraid the consistency of the dough will be differrnt?
    thanks for the conversion anyway

  4. if i make it into roll, will it be soft, tender, light ordinary knead bread/roll/buns? or it will havr crust outside of the bread?

    Thanks for thr conversion anyway

  5. Can i make this into dinner roll and bake it in 8″ pan?
    and would you please tell me the measurement in gram? every site has different weigh conversion so i’m a bit lost. please help me thanks

  6. This has become a traditional part of all family holiday meals. I also take it as hostess gifts. I usually do a savory bread with nuts, parmesan lemon zest and chopped fresh rosemary. Today I added chopped roasted garlic, CHOPPED roasted walnuts, pepitas, grated parmesan, a bit of lemon juice. I will sprinkle the top with flour and some pepita before baking.

    I have even had people order loaves from me at work! I think I will try adding kalamata olives next time :).

    Thanks again for sharing this fabulous recipe, people are always so impressed!!

    • Hi Kitty, I love your flavor combinations. Wow no wonder you have special orders. I’m compiling different recipe combinations for this bread. Would you be ok if I use your savory combination in my collection? Kalamata olives are fabulous in the bread. Keep on baking. xoxo Janet

  7. i am a long time bread maker, i have made many different kinds, from my grand mother, mother and mother in law. this recipe which i have used now for many, many bakingS, is by far the easiest bread to make and never fails to turn out perfectly. the crust is outstanding and the crumb is perfect.

    i recommend everyone try this, you will never ever buy a loaf of bread for $3.00 again, it is so simple and SO IN EXPENSIVE AND THE NICE PART IS does not mess up the entire kitchen with flour dust and keeps well in the freezer. i have shared this with many people and they think it is OUTSTANDING.

  8. I followed the recipe directions spot on. I did this three times. When the 18 hours is up, I can literally pour my dough out of the bowl. Changed yeast, changed flour. I couldn’t form this into a ball if I was Mandrake.

  9. i love this recipe! I made it twice last year around christmas time and now twice in the past month and we love it. It’a So nice and crusty but has always seemed a luttle doughy in the center and i’m Just wondering if others have noticed this or if i am doing something wrong. I think my oven is a little hotter than it should be so perhaps i should bake it at a lower temp for a longer time. Also, does your parchment paper get relly brown and burnt looking? Any advice would be appreciated and thank you so much for the recipe and the video.

    • Hi Mary Jane, Try baking the bread longer with the lid ON. I think this helps a lot. You could, also, try adding 2 tablespoons more flour, lowering your oven temp by 25F degrees and baking a little longer with the lid on. I Think this helps.

  10. Thank you soooo much for this recipe! IT’S so easy that when i made it the other day, it came out perfectly even though I’ve never attempted to make bread before in my life. I wanted to make it more of a herb crusted loaf, so I mixed some olive oil with herbs, brushed it on the loaf, and sprinkled some coarse salt on top. It was a huge hit with my neighbours and husband, they absolutely loved it. This is now my go-to bread recipe! I currently have 3 more batches rising in my kitchen to bake TOMORROW ?

  11. in your pictures there are two loaves in two pots but in your instructions it doesn’t say to divide the dough in two and put in two pots. is this something you didn’t mention or did you double the recipe.
    *I’m making it for the first time

    • Sorry for the confusion. I was actually baking a loaf of cheddar bread at the same time I took the photo. I wanted to bake them together so I didn’t have to keep my oven on for another baking. The recipe makes just one loaf. However, you can easily double the dough and split it in half for two loaves.

      • Thank you. I figured it out though once the dough ball was ready to put in the oven.
        Btw, I really loved this bread. It turned out perfect- golden and crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. SO good! Will def be making this bread again. And again. And again…

  12. I make this bread regularly and this works for me . Let the dough mix self knead for 12hrs+, Flour a board gently flour it a fold it up or mix it gently then put it in a bread tin and leave to rise 1 – 2 hours.. preheat casserole tin for 20 minutes oven flat out . Put bread tin in casserole tin and put the lid on. Take lid off after 40 minutes and further cook for 15 minutes . this works for me a shapes your bread . Thanks BILL / UK

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you☺️ This is the most amazing bread that has turned out fabulously each time of baking. It's a huge hit with family and will be my go to recipe in future. Grateful for you sharing this ??

  14. Thank you so much for this amazing bread recipe����It's the best artisan bread I've ever had and it's increadible to be able to cook it at home. Again thank you.

  15. I am putting my loaves into the oven momentarily, Merry Christmas everyone!! This bread is a standard fare at all of my family holiday meals now, so good everyone goes nuts over it!! I have found beautiful cast iron dutch ovens at thrift stores for as little as $8-$10. TJ Maxx has them for half of regular retail if you want new. You can't miss with this bread, it's AMAZING!! Thank you!!

  16. I made this a few months ago, and forgot to come back to comment.

    Loved this bread. Lovely and simple!

    I did sprinkle the cast iron pot with polenta instead of lining it though. Worked a treat and little to no waste as most of it just stuck to the bread 😀

  17. Excellent recipe. I used regular dry yeast and 4 different kinds of flour + some bran. Thank you so much for taking your time sharing the recipe with us. Love your writing style too!

  18. The dough came out smelling delicious, so I know the yeast was working. My problem is trying to work with the dough after it was on the heavily floured surface. No matter how much I floured the surface and my hands, I could not get it to form into a ball. My natural instinct was to start kneading it was the bench scraper, but I can't do it with this recipe. How did everybody else manage to make this work?

  19. Also, adding feta cheese (kinda crushed up with your hands) and cut up sun dried tomatoes, a little bit of oregano and about 3 tbsp olive oil, will give this (perfect as is!) recipe,a great tasting twist!

  20. BY FAR, THE MOST PERFECT BREAD RECIPE!!! The things you can add to it are endkess. My favorite is: Add a couple of handfuls of brown, lightly packed sugar, 1 tbs (or a bit more!) cinammon, 1/2 tbsp melted butter . WAfter the first rise, when you pour it in the floured surface, add in a handful of raisins and simply fold them in. Follow the rest of the recipe as is. You have just created a super delicious raisin bread, which is quite popular for breakfast here in Greece!!!

  21. I have made this recipe so many times in a covered iron dutch oven. It comes out perfectly every time. I don't even have to use parchment paper. It never sticks. Great recipe!

  22. Yay, I have just baked this bread (in my slow cooker insert with tin foil) and it has turned out perfectly. I will be experimenting next time with different flour/herbs etc. Also a perfect bread for my Mum who has trouble with her hands. Kneading is too much for her. I will pass this recipe on. Thank you all the way from New Zealand!

  23. This bread is amazing! It rivals any great, crusty French bread that I've eaten in France. Sometimes I add Rosemary or oil cured chopped black olives to it. Today I'm going to add garlic. It is so delicious! It's best right out of the oven or toasted in my opinion.

  24. Dear Anon: I'm sorry you are having problems with sticky dough. Try adding 1/4-1/2 cup more flour to the recipe. I find this helps solve most sticky dough problems. Proceed as per recipe. You can do this!

  25. It never seems to work. Dough too sticky, even when I use a lot less water. It does not hold a ball shape, and then bakes to a hard, flat, airless lump. It's certianly NOT foolproof – with baking, there are too many variables to claim this.

  26. I really liked the run-down and tone of this recipe… and gave it a try over the weekend with very favorable results… I was excited to finally be able to make some homemade bread that actually worked! Only difference in my approach is that I used a cast-iron dutch over which I think may have cooked the bread faster as by the time it came to remove the lid for the final 15 mins, it looked as if the bread was done already based on the pics you provide in your recipe. Either way, this is a super easy recipe with great results!!

  27. My bread is about to go to oven now. 🙂 I am wondering if you tried to let bread to rise for more then 30 mins and if it made a difference? Thank you for wonderful recipes 🙂

  28. I made this bread and my family was competing for the last piece of the loaf. Thank you for such a beautiful recipe!!

  29. I've made this 4-5 times, it's always wetter than yours…no, I do not bloom my yeast so no, I don't add extra water…BUT, even though it's wetter, it turns out amazingly delicious. I use cast aluminum pots, and I do use the parchment paper, it's way too wet to pick up with bare hands. Oh, and I don't flour it, I use cornmeal.

  30. This is the best bread I've made. I added fresh jalapeño and sharp cheddar and it was perfect and gone in 60 seconds! Tonight trying roasted garlic. I was worried at first as the dough was so sticky, but patience and flour were a virtue. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I'm never going to pay 6 plus dollars a loaf for artisan bread again!

  31. I've been making this bread for about a year now and absolutely loving it! But lately, when making the dough is very chunky. It has little chunks of hard dough in it. It normally tastes fine, but doesn't look appealing because I can't get the little chunks out. The dough isn't as bubbly/sticky as it is in the tutorial, anymore. Does anyone know why that might be? Thanks!

  32. Mom2ec Thank you for your fun comment. I'm so happy to hear your son is baking bread. My son became a college room mate favorite because he baked fresh bread daily for his apartment.

  33. Thank you for this bread recipe. I think I have got the hang of it now! My son loves it so much, he wants me to teach him how to make it so he can have homemade bread while away at college! We now make a double loaf, and it is usually gone within 24 hours! This makes the best toast as well (if you have the patience to wait for it)! I must say this is the closest bread to my grandmother's homemade bread I have had since she has passed away. No one seems to be able to duplicate it. I am so happy with this recipe. Thanks so much!

  34. Hi Janet I have never tried a no knead bread recipe before and I am about to give yours a whirl. However the highest setting on my oven is 225 degrees celsius. Should I alter your covered and uncovered baking times?
    Looking forward to the results.

  35. I've read through a lot of the comments and questions trying to find an answer to my problem. Like many others, my dough was flat and almost runny coming out of the bowl. It never did ball up. I sifted my flour before measuring it. Was that my problem? Too much water and not enough flour? I baked it, but the loaf was flat and doughy and really moist in the middle.

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