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  1. Janet Barton says

    Hi Dani, I hope you are feeling better. Darn bronchitis. I feel so bad for you, but tomato soup does make one feel better. How I wish our greengrocer would cut out a part of the melon. We just don't have that luxury. You are always so kind and I love your comments. Get well soon. xoxo

  2. Danhiskka says

    Hi Janet, this is a great salad! It's also one of my favourites because if you add some feta cheese and black olives it's a really good lunch.
    Here in Argentina we buy the fruit in verdulerías (tiny stores that only sell fruits, vegetables and eggs). The greengrocer cuts a little part of the melons (like they do with the cheese to see how is maturing) so you can taste it before taking it home.

    I'm reading the previous post, what a beautiful obsession! It must be so heartwarming to have that connection with the women of your family.

    I'm in bed with bronchitis (this is the first day that I allowed to be in front of the computer), and, like the witty girl that I am, I persuaded my mother to make me your tomato and thyme soup. She loved it!


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