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  1. Jenn w says

    So does greek gods work as yogurt starter? They are my favorite too. I agree the honey is just some of the best stuff on the planet but I like the plain too. If I can make my OWN will it be as good. Right now I won’t share cause my family doesn’t appreciate the flavor. They get store brand fruit flavors.

    • Janet Barton says

      I have never tried using Greek Gods yogurt as a starter. I think the plain version would work best then you can add honey to the yogurt once it has set. I have found that the culture packets create the thickest yogurt, but plain whole fat yogurt works really well. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. Uchechukwu says

    Thanks for your receipt. Please I have a question. In a situation where you cannot find coffee filter, can you use the strainer to remove the whey?

  3. Debbie says

    I use this exact yogurt maker but I do not cook anything on the stove. I put about 2 cups of straight from the fridge whole milk in, dump in my culture (or 2T yogurt with cultures), stir it to mix well and then fill it to about 1″ from the top with more milk. I then turn it on for 8 hours. When done I put in fridge (or leave it in the machine, which cools too) over night and then strain. If I use Fairlife milk, I do not even need to strain it.

      • Catherine says

        I do this method too, but according to my yogurt maker this is best done with UHT milk, because it’s already pasteurized. My kids just guzzle yogurt, which is great, but I hated the plastic packaging. That’s why I make it at home, plus it’s half the price, isn’t it?
        Really nice to have it on hand for smoothies, baking etc

  4. meppybn says

    Have wanted a yoghurt maker for a long time – glad to get your recommendation and am willing to be awesome alongside you! Love greek yoghurt mixed in homemade lemon curd – yummo 🙂

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