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  1. I am looking for the sugar cookie recipe that they had at the Zcmi they would make large sugar cookies in the shapes of pumpkins around Halloween and it shApes of hearts on Valentine’s Day with the best frosting ever Do you know anybody that has recipe?

    • Oh I remember those sugar cookies. Especially at Valentines. I have searched and searched for anyone who knows where the recipes from the ZCMI bakery are. It’s like they disappeared from the face of the earth. I had someone send a comment that his grandmother had the raisin filled cookie recipe. I contacted him via FB, but he has never sent the recipe, although he still claims to have it. So sorry. Someone somewhere has to know the recipes. There used to be a FB page for that purpose…to find anyone who may have worked in the bakery and would know the whereabouts of those famous recipes. I crave the bakery and candy counter so much especially this time of year.

  2. I am thankful to have found this marzipan recipe as my family and I loved the ZCMI bakery as well.
    By chance did Rob ever share that raisin cookie recipe with you and if he did, would you share it with me please?

  3. So, I gather that ZCMI made of all their baked goods in house? I've been looking for a bakery in Salt Lake for years hoping to find a replication of their awesome powdered sugar, vanilla pudding filled bismarks, but haven't found anything remotely as good. They were a Christmas morning tradition in our house. Even if there was a recipe out there for them, I have no confidence I could make them as good as they did. A lost treasure indeed.

    • I mourn the loss of ZCMI during the holiday season. Fun family Christmas traditions were lost the day ZMCI closed. The candy counter is a fond memory. My older children remember it, but my younger children and grandchildren will never know the ZMCI bakery and candy counter.

  4. I made these today. They are delicious! The husband and all the kids like them and asked for "fourths." I tried to get your almond paste recipe, but it says the page no longer exists? Thank you for all of your great recipes! My family loves them so much; we all do!

  5. I worked in the candy/bakery section of ZCMI once upon a time and these almond cookies were my favorites. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I'm excited to make them!

    • I'm so happy to know someone who worked in the bakery. Wouldn't you just think that the original recipes are out there somewhere? You will notice these are not just like ZCMI's, but the flavor will take you back to those good days of the bakery/candy counter. Thanks for your comment.

  6. My Grandma would bring home with her some treats from ZCMI, a 10 hour drive – and share them with us…I was too young to bother asking what they were, but definately old enough to gobble them down! Now I would love to be able to share those flavors with my kids, but I don't even know where to start. All I remember is they were little balls of a nutty – nugat cream and covered in chopped nuts, and of course – how easy they went down!

  7. I can't wait to see your recipe for the raisin-filled cookies – they were my mom's and my favorites! We found the Deseret News recipe that claimed to be the actual ZCMI recipe but it was more of a chocolate chip cookie dough without the chocolate chips, and a raisin filling. They are very good, but not the same cookie. We were trying to figure out if it was more of an anise cookie, sugar cookie, or shortbread. Definitely not chocolate chip though, ha ha ha! Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Katrina, These marzipan cookies aren't the real deal either. But they do have the flavors. I'm excited to work on the raisin filled. The cookie always reminded me of my mom's ice box cookie recipe. It has spices, nuts, and coconut. I'm going to try that recipe. I know what you mean by the knock off's not even coming close to the original. Even the Lion House Chef's recipes were more like a sugar cookie or just like you say chocolate chip cookie dough. I'll get on that.

    • Katrina, I have the recipe for the raisin filled cookie, it was given to my grandmother many, many, many years ago by someone who ran the ZCMI bakery in downtown SLC. If you would like it I am happy to share.

      • Oh goodness I would love to have that recipe, For years I’ve have reminiscent about zcmi cookies. my mother would by two dozen variety pack for Christmas every year and we would enjoy them as our holiday traditional treats.
        Please share

        • I have emailed they guy with the Raisin filled cookie recipe, but he hasn’t sent me a copy yet and it has been years. I send him a reminder about it often, but he never produces anything. I’m starting to think he’s a dead end 🙁
          I miss the ZCMI bakery more at Christmas time.

    • PLEASE share the raisin filled cookies recipe! (The date filled were definitely our favorite.) I think you are right; they definitely had some coconut in the dough. Thanks for your persistence 🙂

    • PLEASE share the raisin filled cookie recipe when you get it. (The date filled were actually our favorite.) You are right, Janet, they definitely had coconut in the dough. Thanks for your persistence 🙂

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