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  1. How long does the oil keep? By which I mean, can I make it ahead of time? I realize there will be none to keep once it is served. Thank you!

    • Yes! You can make the oil ahead of time. In fact, it will improve the flavor and make it stronger. This dipping oil goes fast. I never have leftovers. It’s really delicious.

  2. Question? From a newbie? I do the overnight no knead dough all the time. But I always find that I have to put more water than called for to get the dough to "grab" all the flour away from the sides of the bowl. This recipe calls for even MORE flour but the same amount of water. Is that a typo? Also, I am mixing by hand. No fancy KitchenAid here, sadly. 🙂

    • No need for a kitchenaid…no pun intended. No typo is does have more flour. I just get my hands in the bowl and mix it up. Keep kneading it by hand for a minute or so until all of the flour seems to be mixed in. After the rise it should handle just great.

  3. I made this bread today using my Wild Alaskan Sourdough starter. Oh goodness is this bread good! I love it and will make this again. I shared it with my neighbors too. 🙂

    • Hi Janet darling, can you please tell me what your pastry cloth is made out of, I want to make one as we don't have them in Australia….your Fougasse looks amazing as all your recipes do, but I want to make my pastry cloth first then I can use it to make the Fougasse. Love your work xxxxxxxxxxxx Julie

    • Hi Julie, the pastry cloth is simply canvas. It's a light canvas. I have just purchased a yard from the fabric store, but it does shrink. Wash it a few times and serge the edges if you would like. You can find them on Amazon. I hope you can find one. I love mine. It's starting to fall apart because I use it so much.

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