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  1. William Braylen says

    Simply envision getting a charge out of chocolate without blame, for all intents and purposes no calories, no fat or starches, no caffeine, no gluten, no dairy, no Trans-fats, no corn syrup, no sodium, no sugar and no soy. I will spare the logical information for different articles and for the time being simply adhere to the essentials.

  2. CARDAMOME says

    hi,… definitely nesquick not for me too. im very against elle industrial food
    and like you, i love my warm dark chokolate cup (you'll se it probably on my blog (look for "brasilian chokolate"). But now i see you receipe i wanna taste it and the cup is so lovely …i wanna get the same!(my passion for cats)
    sorry for bad english

    • Janet Barton says

      Thank you so much for your comment. This is good hot chocolate, but it cannot compare to French chocolat chaud. Your english is great. So much better than my French.

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