Welcome to Simply So Good.  My name is Janet and I live in Utah at the base of the Wasatch mountains.  I have the most spectacular view of the mountains just out my front door.  I love the Salt Lake valley.

When my children were in high school, I realized how important it was to have dinner ready on the table for them every night.  Food brings family home. 

I created this blog for my children as they ventured off to college.  I didn't want them eating cafeteria food.  I wanted them to learn how to cook well.  I wanted them eating healthy food and not living off cheese and tortillas.  I decided to create a place for them to find their favorite recipes with step-by-step instructions. 

This is what means the most to me:

My family.  

This is the day the baby of our family was married.  This is all of us so far.  We'll keep growing.

I thought my life was complete until I had grandchildren.  Now it is complete.

We all love food.  We drove 2 hours once while on vacation because we heard of a great burger joint that had amazing herb fries.  It was so worth the drive.

I love to run. I run with my husband, but have a hard time keeping up with him so I spend my mornings running  with 4 other blondes.  I ran my first marathon when I was 42 and have run a total of 26 so far.  I have run the Boston marathon 6 times.  I consider myself the poster child for:  "If I can do it, any one can".

I love my faith.  Without it I am nothing.

I love my life.  I am content.

I hope you enjoy my blog.  

P.S.  All of the photo's on my blog belong to me.  Just me.  If you would like to use any of the photo's, you need to contact me and let me know which photo's you would like.  My photo's seem to be popping up on various blogs.  All material is under copyright.  Asking permission is the right thing to do.  Merci.