Jammin' in My Kitchen with Blackberries, Raspberries and Tomatoes

I'm almost back.

I'm busy preserving the the amazing fruits and vegetables from my garden.  Because of the hot temperatures this summer, fruits and vegetables on coming on sooner than normal.  I will be so grateful this winter to have my own jams, jellies, and bottled tomatoes on the shelves.

Check your local farmers markets (or backyards) for luscious fruits for jams.

This Blackberry Raspberry Jam is my all time favorite (next to my Grandma's Current Jelly).

Second favorite is Strawberry Raspberry Freezer Jam

 I have picked to tomatoes for this savory Spicy Tomato Jam.  It's AMAZING on everything.

I'm actually working on turning this recipe into a spicy ketchup.  Watch for the recipe and instructions soon.

I've got to go.  I have this Peach Leather in the oven drying and the timer is going off.

Hooray for PEACH SEASON!!



  1. Passando pela net encontrei o seu blog, estive a folhear achei-o muito bom, feito com muito bom gosto.
    Tenho um blog que gostava que conhecesse. O Peregrino E Servo.
    PS. Se desejar fazer parte dos meus amigos virtuais faça-o de forma a que eu possa encontrar o seu blog para o seguir também.
    Que haja paz e saúde no seu lar.
    Com de grandes vitórias.
    Sou António Batalha.

  2. Your blogging has been missed!

  3. aha! you are back....almost. i've missed you. and if your ketchup is near as good as that spicy tomato jam that i put on almost every thing, we can indeed expect a treat.

  4. So glad to see you back!!