Christmas Cookie Exchange Ideas

Once again I'm up to my elbows in chocolate.  Chocolate dipping takes over 2 weeks of my Christmas perfect Christmas life!  I am highly contemplating retiring this year.  I'll whine about that in next week dipping post.  Until then let's talk about my favorite food, COOKIES!

It's that time of year when Cookie Exchange Parties are beginning.  Here are a few ideas to get you excited and ahead of the game.  

You know what's great about cookies?  You can bake ahead and freeze them.  Yep, cookies freeze great.

Check out some of my favorite cookie exchange recipes.

If you are feeling extremely fancy try the recipe pictured above for Almond Tartlettes.  The Norwegian recipe comes from my best friend's mother.  I looked forward to Christmas just for a plate of these delights.

Scottish Shortbread and Norwegian Berlinerkranser can be made and stored in tins for at least 2 weeks.  Their flavors mellow and improve with age. 

If you love a bit of Marzipan, this is the cookie.  They freeze great and are simple to make.  

The beehive cookies is made from a sour cream sugar cookie dough.  Sugar cookies are so fun to cut and decorate.  These cookies are thick and so soft.  Great for Santa with a glass of milk.

My son's favorite are soft Ginger Cookies.  The smell of Christmas will fill your home.  

Cracked Sugar cookies are buttery and delicious.  They freeze wonderfully for about 2 weeks.  This is a cookie that loves to be dunked in a cold glass of milk. 

Shipping tips:
  • Not all cookies are meant to be shipped.  You want to ship a cookies that will be fresh and in once piece.  Drop cookies are not the best for shipping unless you ship overnight.  Drop cookies are best the day baked and generally don't taste as good after a 3-5 shipping time and can fall apart or arrive in crumbs.
  • Cookies like Shortbread, Sables, Berlinerkranser, or Almond Tartlettes are perfect for shipping.  The flavor improves with age and can be packed in a tin and arrive in perfect shape.
  • Wrapping cookies individually can be a good idea so they don't get damaged in the mail.

Let the baking begin.

I'll be back next week with chocolate dipping.  

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