Autumn and Apples

 I woke up this morning to a skimming of snow on the ground.  I looked out the window sadly at the snow and thought "and so it begins".  The air was crisp on my morning run.  I came home just a bit chilled and made myself a big bowl of old fashioned oatmeal topped with sauteed apples, walnuts and maple syrup.  My comfort food.

Over the years I have posted some of my favorite apple comfort desserts.  I would hate for these wonderful desserts to be forgotten.  Here is just a little reminder of what makes my heart happy.

Apple Crepes.  Breakfast or dessert?  Yes.

Sour Cream Apple Pie.  This should be on everyone's Thanksgiving dessert list.  My dad always says that his two favorite pies are hot or cold apple.

Slab Apple Pie.  This should be in everyone's lunch box.

Karen's Fresh Apple Cake served with luscious fat sauce.

I'm still fond of eating a plain crisp apple.  Don't you just love biting into a crisp apple and the juices run down the palm of your hand all the way to your elbow?  That's the best way to eat an apple.

Enjoy the season.


  1. All wonderful recipes! I adore anything with apple in it!

    1. Thank you so much. I'm with you apple ANYTHING!

  2. Those apple crepes look delicious! What an awesome recipe! Thank you very much. Is that how you sauté the apples to top your oatmeal? This was the very first morning here in AZ that the air was crisp and it was delightful this morning when I went on my run. So do you make your oatmeal right after you run? I think I'm going to start making oatmeal after I run too. You just have made it sound soooo enticing!

    1. I saute the apples in a small amount of butter and 2 tbl of maple syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg and a few walnuts. I simmer for a few minutes then pour over my hot oatmeal with almond milk. Yum.