My Most Popular Posts

I was asked to share some of my most popular posts.  As you wish....

Crusty Bread post wins hands down.  I have had almost 4 million page views on this post alone.  I have received THOUSANDS of comments and questions.

I think people love it because it's a 4 ingredient 5 minutes bread to make and requires very little prep time. The dough does have to sit for at least 8 hours, however.  It's so worth the wait.

I was receiving so many questions, comments and ideas that I created the Crust Bread Forum to help make it easier to find answers to questions and to post amazing ideas for flavors.

I was asked to send photo's of the crusty bread recipe to a cheese magazine.  I decided to re-do my photo's and created this post for Artisan No-knead Bread.  I have posted pictures and step-by-step photo's and instructions on the following flavors of Crust Bread:

Cranberry Orange Almond

Habanero Pepper Jack  (found on same post as Cranberry Almond Orange just scroll down)

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pecan (found on same post as Cranberry Almond Orange just scroll down)

Rosemary Lemon Gruyere (found on same post as Crusty Bread just scroll down)

The second most popular post is Fried Ice Cream.  I actually played around with fried ice cream recipes and created this recipe based on what my family like their vanilla ice cream rolled in before deep frying it.

Yes, it does work.  No, I don't make it very often because...IT'S DEEP FRIED!  But it's really fun to serve for Cinco de Mayo and tastes amazing.

This is, also, the most "borrowed" recipe and photo out of all of my posts.  I find this picture EVERYWHERE.  I was shocked when I found it on an Asian Restaurants menu!!!!  Ye,s a menu.  Can you imagine how shocked people where when the actual item they ordered didn't closely resemble fried ice cream?

I have found this recipe on other bloggers sites that have been literally cut and pasted from my post.  I have found a link on the Sundance Magazine site with a review linking it to another chick's blog!!!

Like they say, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".

Third favorite is the Anne of Green Gables recipe for Old Fashioned Lemonade.

Why wouldn't it be one of the most popular?  Who doesn't love a refreshing glass of fresh squeezed lemonade.  It's amazing and so easy to make.

Fourth on the list is My Favorite Almond Paste recipe.

This just makes me giddy because I love almond paste and I love people who love almond paste.  This means that there are bakers out there using almond paste.  I love them even more.

Have you every paid a fortune for almond paste in the grocery store and it's hard and impossible to work with?  Not this almond paste.  Hopefully you won't eat it all before using it in a recipe.  I have used this paste in the following recipes:

ZCMI Marzipan Cookies

Almond Brioche Buns

Coming in at #5 is the Jalapeno Cheddar Burger  Probably one of the best burgers you will EVER eat.

That's is for the top five viewed recipes on my blog.

I have a new follower that would like to know which recipes from my blog they should start with.

What would you suggest?  Do you have a particular recipe that is your "go to"?

I'm trying to decide which post I like the most.  Hmmmmm...thinking...thinking....


  1. Ahhh...Janet you're amazing...thank you so much!! I must agree with your #1...I have made your crusty bread many, many times, passed the recipe on to my mom who now makes it weekly to have with their morning coffee & even give the recipe & an enameled cast iron pot as a wedding present (with Marcella Hazan's recipe for lemon roasted chicken)! I haven't had the joy of trying the other 4 recipes...let the cooking begin! Keep up the great work Janet...

    1. Thank you so much for giving me the idea. Next week I'll post MY favorite posts. Recipes everyone should try.

  2. My go tos are the "recipe" for cream fraiche and chocolate croissants. Which is kinda funny because cream fraiche is probably the easiest thing on your blog and the croissants are probably the most involved, but both are wonderfully delightful!

    1. Ha ha two complete opposites for sure. Both fabulous. Pain au chocolate is definitely worth the effort. Thank yous so much for sharing.

  3. I enjoy your blog so much Janet! I think I found you from the Artisan bread post. So sorry that so many of your images and recipes have been stolen. Your recipes are delicious and I can imagine all the time you put into writing and photographing your dishes just to have someone else get credit for them isn't right. Have you considered watermarking them?

    1. Hi Brandi, I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. I have started water marking my photo's. Some posts have my watermarks left on, which is really funny to me. Oh well. Thanks so much for commenting. You have made my day.

  4. Janet! I love your blog almost as much as I loved going to your house to be taught, but this way it doesn't matter where I live, I can learn from you! The first recipe that was recommended to me first, from your blog, was the sticky coconut chicken and grilled pineapple (I think that's what it's called) recipe and it did not disappoint. Thanks for all your hard work! I recommend your blog to everyone I know that loves food!

    1. I loved having you in my cooking classes. They were so much fun. I've been thinking of doing a fall class. I forgot about the sticky chicken. That is a simply recipe, but fit for company. thanks again for an uplifting comment.

    2. If you do a fall class I hope you will let me come join in! You are absolutely fabulous! One day you had a class when I was super busy, but I set my stuff aside and as I headed out the door my husband started to fall apart that I was going with unfinished business at home, but when I told him where I was headed his only response was: "Have fun! Bring something back for me!" HAHAHA!

    3. Absolutely you can come. I'm thinking of just putting it up on my blog and opening it up to anyone interested. Getting together with a bunch of women and cooking and eating? What could be better?