Father's Day Celebration

Let me tell you the difference between Mother's Day and Father's Day in the Barton household. HE gets the gifts I buy.

Basically on Mother's Day I buy my own gift and give it to my husband to wrap (less painful that way), we go to church (no time for breakfast), I prepare a Mother's Day dinner for my mother and mother-in-law (because they're our mothers, we love them and we should),  he gets the nap and I clean up and do the dishes, I collapse so grateful this day only comes around once a year.

Father's Day, repeat, he gets the gift.  Sigh...I love him.

I'm happy to celebrate the Father's in my life.  I'll be missing my dad this year.  He is almost 82 years old and serving a mission for our church in Kona, Hawaii.  Rough life, right?  He is a true example of someone who will sacrifice whatever it takes to serve others.  he loves this rootbeer float made with rootbeer ice cream.

I have a wonderful and loving Father-in-law who makes us laugh and always has a smile on his face.

We are so fortunate to have these fathers to honor.

I was hoping to get off making cedar plank salmon for father's day this year because it's so easy and so fabulous, but the man wants this bad boy.  You are probably tired of this burger showing up on my blog so often, but the family LOVES them.

Last year we grilled several racks of ribs with cherry cola glaze.  Finger licking for sure.

I will most definitely be roasting potato wedges with this kicked up fry sauce.  


My husband favorite flavor of ice cream is probably raspberry chocolate chip.  This fauxmade ice cream is simple and contains another favorite of his raspberry sherbet.

Father's Day, June 15th,  celebrate the father in your life.


  1. Those are a bunch of very, very lucky gentlemen :)

    I have two dads, my biological father and my mom's second husband, so father's day is always kind of crazy, but over the years I came to master the situation: I crash in my mom's couch the day before and sunday morning I cook breakfast for everybody, we chat and cuddle and then they drop my brother and me at my paternal grandmother's house before they go to see his sons.
    The reunions with my dad's side of the family are always noisy and fun, most of it due to my brother, my cousins and myself behaving like circus apes. Here almost everybody cooks! This year my dad and his wife will cook the appetizers (yes, plural), my aunt and two cousins will cook the entreés (again, plural), my grandma and another aunt the dessert, and a cousin and I are on tea time duty. Then we'll pass out in the couch until next Thursday.

    Have a happy father's day!

    1. Ha ha. You have two very lucky fathers. You are so fortunate to have family members that share in the cooking. That makes parties so much more enjoyable.

    2. It's also pretty cool that the younger generation also likes to do the dishes, because dishwashers are really uncommon here. We had to make four shifts!

  2. I like your comparison of mother's day and father's day... so true! My husband just came downstairs after his father's day lie-in and he saw your burger ... and fell in love! Guess I'll have to pin that baby and try making it someday (soon). Those ribs & chips are mouth-watering (and I do not even like ribs). You are one talented cook and food stylist! Mel

    1. Thank you so much, Mel. Your opinion means a lot to me. I'm with you on ribs. I'm happy without them, but my husband loves meat and potatoes. What can I say?