Turkey Time

It's time to start thinking turkey.  I thought I'd share my absolute favorite way to roast and eat a turkey.

Soaking a bird in a flavorful brine creates amazing flavor that soaks through the meat all the way to the bone. You have to be prepared and think ahead to brine a turkey.  The turkey must be completely thawed.  Brine on Tuesday, drain on Wednesday, roast on Thursday.  Plan ahead.  You won't be disappointed.

Turkey brine recipe

Now that the turkey has been soaking in brine, it's time to roast that bird.  Roasted Turkey with Apple Cider Gravy  is heavy.  The sweetness of the apple cider mixed with fresh herbs will make you cry it's so fabulous.

Remember this bird from last year.  This is my niece.  Her friends family raised Turkeys last year and was awesome enough to give this 40 pound turkey to her family for our Thanksgiving feast.  

This baby was HUGE!!  

How do you roast a 40 pound turkey?  Low, slow and LONG!

I'll just say this...bigger isn't always better.

My daughters.  They're amazing.  (I have two sons who are just as amazing...I better put than in just in case they read this post)

I love fresh cranberry relish.  I can eat this relish with a spoon it's so good.  I just love cranberries.  I can pop them into my mouth whole and raw.

Get a jump on your Thanksgiving feast this year.  Plan ahead.

Stay tuned more mouth watering recipes to come.

Happy day!

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