My Favorite Tomato Recipes

Years ago my grandparents had a small mercantile in Henefer, Utah called Al's Merc.  They also had a movie theater in Morgan, Utah.  They were very busy running the grocery store during the day and the theater at night.  During the summer I would stay for a week to work in the store and theater to earn money for school clothes.  I would get so homesick that I only lasted a couple of days.

I remember grandma simmering quartered tomatoes in a cube of butter for my breakfast.  She would serve the cooked tomatoes over her homemade bread toasted.  She called them "fried tomatoes", but they were more like a stewed tomato.  The tomatoes were basically braising in butter.  This was my favorite breakfast of ALL time. Grandma only prepared this dish with fresh Utah tomatoes.  Heaven,  sheer heaven.

Tomatoes are beginning to peak in Utah.  My mouth waters thinking of Grandma's tomatoes bathing in butter.  My favorite time of year is here.  The harvest.  Memories and scents of my grandmother's kitchens come to me during this season.  These great women are my inspiration.

Here are a few of my favorite recipes.


  1. I need to try the slow-roasted tomato sandwiches - they look amazing!! I need to buy some tomatoes from the farmers market to try in these beautiful recipes - fresh, local tomatoes always taste the best!

  2. Your images are.............amazing! I can almost smell the tomatoes & herbs, the fresh bread. Excellent material - thank you.

  3. Barbara from California8/19/13, 10:58 AM

    I just counted, and I have tried 68 of your recipes. We think you're awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your great recipes!

    1. Barbara, you are my new BFF. Thank you so much for having confidence in my recipes. I think they are pretty dang good. I wouldn't post them otherwise. You just made my day.