Cooling Old Fashion Lemonade and Ginger ale

Time to cool off with an ice cold glass of Homemade ginger ale.  Ginger ale with a hint of lime and mint.  
Ginger ale has never tasted so good.

One of the most visited recipes on Simply So Good is the Old fashion lemonade


Puree a few strawberries for a sweetened twist to an old favorite.

Imagine sitting on the porch cooling off with an ice cold lemonade or ginger ale that you just whipped up yourself.  Summer will love you.


  1. The link in your post to the lemonade is to the ginger ale.

  2. Whoops. I fixed it. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Hi Janet, how was father's day? We made the ribs!! They were great and everyone loved them. My dads (my mum re married eleven years ago) also get one customized crusty bread each (gruyere/peppercorns and bacon/onion). I got lots of kisses :)

    What I didn't like of the traditional lemonade is the sugar, so I make the unsweetened version of the syrup; then I freeze it, because it only lasts two days in the fridge and then becomes foggy. In this case, labeling is VERY important, because it looks just like light chicken stock. That added some funny taste to the tagliarini!


    1. Your bread sounds just divine. You deserved the kisses. I love the chicken stock story. I had the same problem, but I poured caramel into chicken soup thinking it was my wonderful rich chicken stock. It was rich alright, but so sweet.