And the Winner Is....

Oh my gosh!  We just got word that my husband won the contest "Run with the Legends" that I have been bugging you about for the past 2 months.  This means he will get to run a relay marathon race in Roanoke, VA on April 20th with a few of the running legends.  This marathon is known for being the toughest road race in America.   One of which is Bill Rogers who won the Boston Marathon in the 70's and is a former American record holder.  Every time we have the Boston marathon, Keith makes a visit to the Bill Roger's running store just to get a glance and an autograph at the running legend.

I know many of you voted daily.  I just can't thank you enough.  That was such a kind gesture for someone you don't even know.  Well, you have made his life.  Up until now the greatest event in his life was marrying me (my words) now I'm afraid I will now be second to the greats.

The bad news:  I promised everyone that if Keith won I would have a big dinner at my house for those that voted AND I said that I would run the 1/2 marathon.  Dinner date to be announced. So if you happen to be driving through Utah, you're invited.

Thank you!  Thank you!

I'm now going to run some hills to train.  Ugh!


  1. This is the BEST NEWS ever! I voted every day and wondered how it would all come out. PERFECTLY! Can't wait for the dinner and to enjoy all the good company. Glad to be in Utah to participate.

  2. This is awesome! I'm so glad he won! Wish I could come to dinner!

  3. That is awesome! Not close enough to make the dinner but hope you all can train well and finish on top!

  4. That's pretty cool! I'm glad my few votes helped out :) To stand/run by a guy who is that into running make you a rock star! Good luck on your half.

  5. You guys are AWESOME. Thank you so much for your votes. They helped us out a TON!! Who knew? We never win anything. Hahaha. This will be so much fun. I've never been to Virginia. I'm so excited.

  6. That is so exciting for Keith!!! Seriously, congratulations to him! And yes, I voted! Not daily, but hey... ;) I'm thrilled you both get to go run in Virginia! Can't wait to hear how it all goes in April. You are awesome!