Independence Day Celebration

Here are some great suggestions for your July 4th  barbecue.

.  I'm going to be grilling up Jalapeno Cheddar Burgers from a previous post of mine.  We haven't found a burger that compares to this yet.  

The Brick Compressed Sandwich is great to throw in a cooler.  It's doesn't matter if it get's and bit smashed, in fact it's better!  

I plan on having this on hand in my refrigerator for holiday visitors.  I'll make it a day in advance then I have an instant picnic sandwich or a quick lunch.  

Old Fashioned Strawberry lemonade will really hit the spot on a hot day.

Our barbecue wouldn't be complete without homemade ice cream.  This chocolate ice cream is The Best!

I hope you have a fabulous and safe Independence Day.  Stay cool and eat well.


  1. Wow. Those treats look good for any day, even for the loads of people who don't celebrate the 4th of July. Did you know only one country out of many celebrates this day, yet still most of the people who do celebrate it send good wishes to everyone as if we all celebrate it haha. Anyway, thanks for sharing these recipes. For those who celebrate the 4th of July, I wish you a happy one!

  2. Your blog is making me have crazy pregnancy cravings, and I'm stuck in Charlotte with barely any cooking gear/ingredients!! I'll just have to close my eyes and imagine I'm sinking my teeth in that burger! I've never had it but it looks DEVINE!

    1. Sorry Allyse. Just keep thinking that it will all be worth it in the end. We missed not having you and Blake around.