Chicken Tortilla Soup & Black Bean Salsa

Presley, this one is for you!  

How long ago did you request this recipe?

I'm sure it was months ago.  

I do take requests.  I just can't guarantee exactly how many years it will take me to get to your request.
I pretty much post what I feel like doing that day.  I try to make it seasonal...sometimes.  

I love eating soups when there is a chill in the air.  This is a warming soup that is great made with leftover Thanksgiving turkey or a store bought rotisserie chicken.  I can pretty much have the soup prepared and ready to eat in 30 minutes.  If I'm posting for a blog, it's more like 2 hours and 30 minutes.  

Here you go, Presley.  It's a piece of cake.

Let's start with the Black Bean Salsa so the flavors can be blending while the soup is being made.

You will need 1 (15-oz) can of black beans, red onion, fresh cilantro, tomatoes, a jalapeno and a lime.

Rinse and drain the black beans.

Cut the tomato into quarters and remove the seeds.

Cut the tomatoes into a small dice.

Add to the black beans.

Cut the red onion into a small dice as well.

Add to the beans and tomatoes.

Finely chop the jalapeno.  I add the entire jalapeno because I love the heat.  You can add a smaller amount.

Add to the mixture.

Finely chop the fresh cilantro.

Toss into the bowl.

Squeeze in the fresh lime.  About 2 tablespoons or more just depending on your taste.

Stir the mixture together.

Taste the salsa and add salt and pepper to taste.

Set aside while preparing the soup.

For the soup you will need chicken broth, 1 can tomatoes and diced green chilies, one medium onion, about 4-5 cloves of garlic, diced or shredded chicken or turkey, jack cheese, cream, corn tortillas, cumin, oregano, ground coriander and cayenne pepper.

Almost forgot, 1 1/2 cups frozen corn.

Just roughly chop the onion.  They don't have to look pretty or be uniform because we are going to blend the soup.

Smash the garlic.

Roughly chop.

Add two tablespoons of olive oil to a large pot.

Over medium heat, saute the onions and garlic for about 3 minutes or until beginning to soften.

Take three corn tortillas.

Cut into 1-inch strips.

Then cut the opposite direction to make a 1-inch cube...roughly.

Add to the onions and garlic and cook until the tortilla begins to soften.

Add four cups of chicken broth.

The can of tomatoes and green chilies

Add the cumin, ground coriander, oregano and cayenne pepper.  Once again you can adjust to your taste.

If you don't like heat at all, just add a pinch.

Stir together.

Bring to a boil.

Let the mixture cool for about 5 minutes then ladle into a blender or food processor.

You might have to work in batches depending on the size of your blender.

Blend until completely smooth.

Return mixture to the pot.

Add the diced chicken or turkey.

Add the frozen corn.

and 1/2 cup cream.

Gently stir.  You don't want to stir very much beyond this point or the chicken will break up and you will have a shredded chicken soup mess.  Gently, very gently stir and bring back to a simmer for just a few minutes to thicken the soup.

Add the shredded jack cheese.

Turn heat to low and gently stir in the cheese.

Finish with the juice of one lime.

Add salt and pepper to taste.  

The soup is ready to serve.


Unless you would like some additional toppings.  

I do.

I like to top the soup with some crispy tortilla strips.  

I'm going to use 4 corn tortillas.

Cut tortillas in half.

Slice into thin strips.

Fry in canola or vegetable oil that has been heated to about 350 degrees for just a few minutes.

Remove the tortilla strips from the hot oil and drain on an absorbent paper towel.

Set aside.  You can actually do this before making the soup then set aside.

I like the addition of avocado.

Gently remove the avocado from the shell.  I just scoop it out with a spoon.  

Slice or dice the avocado...whatever floats your boat.  I'm dicing my avocado that way maybe I can sneak it in the soup.  That way the husband that never reads this blog won't see it and maybe he will eat it and discover that he loves avocados.  Even though he tells me he has tasted them...I know he hasn't!!

I know dear....

Ladle the hot soup int bowls and top with black bean salsa, diced avocado and crispy tortilla strips.


There you have it, Presley.  Tortilla soup.

Good times, good memories.  I miss the gang.  Bring Vanessa over and we can have a bowl of Tortilla soup and chat...just the girls...maybe we could invite Cole, I like Cole.  How about Brian, I miss him too.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

2 Tablespoons olive oil
1 1/2 cups onions, chopped
2 tablespoons garlic, minced
3 corn tortillas (6-inch size), cut into 1-inch pieces
1 (10.5) ounce can diced tomatoes with green chilies
4 cups chicken broth
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon ground coriander
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1/2 teaspoon cayenne
2 cups cooked chicken or turkey, shredded or cubed
1 1/2 cups frozen corn kernels
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 cup Monterey Jack cheese, shredded
2 tablespoons lime juice
Salt and pepper
Black bean Salsa
Sour Cream
Tortilla strips

Heat oil in a large saucepan over medium-high; add onions and garlic, and saute 3 minutes.  Stir in tortilla pieces and saute until they begin to soften.  Add tomatoes, broth, and spices, and bring to a boil.  Removed from heat; let cool 5 minutes, then puree soup base in batches in a blender or food processor until smooth.  Return soup to pot.

Add Turkey, corn and cream.  Bring to a boil and simmer 5 minutes, or until beginning to thicken.  Reduce heat to medium, sprinkle in cheese, and stir until melted.  Add lime juice and season with salt and pepper to taste.  Serve with salsa, sour cream and crispy tortilla strips.

Makes 8 cups.  267 calories per cup.  Not including the salsa, sour cream or tortilla strips...Just so you know.

Black Bean Salsa

1 (15 oz) can black beans, drained and rinsed
1 cup tomatoes, seeded, diced
1/2 cup red onion, diced
1/4 cup minced fresh cilantro
2 tablespoons jalapeno, seeded, minced
2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
Salt and pepper to taste

Combine all ingredients in a bowl, tossing well to coat.  chill salsa until ready to serve.  Makes 3 cups.  95 calories per 1/2 cup. 

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You can argue with me all day, Dear, you have NEVER tried an Avocado!!!


  1. YUM YUM.Totally awesome...Thanks for the recipe dear.will try soon..

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  4. If I were to celebrate the fact that you were in Spain, I would have made Paella.

  5. YUM! Sounds really good, I’m definitely including this on the menu for my family!

  6. Thanks, Marta. I hope they enjoy the soup.

  7. Oh my Janet, I thought heaven began with your Chicken Noodle Soup, but after making this bad boy today, I'm undecided. This soup is absolutely divine. D I V I N E! I didn't have any corn tortillas and so I used a nice handful of Tostitos corn chips- worked GREAT! Your spice blend is out of this world. And I'm honestly hoping there will be some salsa left when Jim gets home!!!

  8. That salsa is addicting. You just always boost my confidence level. You are such a dear friend. We really should start running again someday.

  9. This soup was wonderful! Wasn't quite sure about the black bean salsa but the taste of it in this soup is unbelievable. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

    1. The black bean salsa is my favorite part. I so glad you liked the soup. Thank you for commenting.

  10. Hello, I found your blog through the crusty bread pin on pinterest. I have made that breaed 4 times now, it turns out spectacular everytime! I just made this soup last night with the black bean salsa, it is so good, and so flavorful!! I love your blog, and all of your photography. I love your step by step photos as well. You do such a lovely job! Thanks for all the awesome recipes!

    1. What a kind comment. Thank you so much. I hope you will keep coming back.

  11. Found this on Pinterest. Can't wait to try! Get step by step directions!

    1. I'm so glad you found me on Pinterest. I hope you come back.

  12. I need you to understand how much I love this soup. Of course I knew it would be good because YOU made it, but what I did not expect was how much my whole family loved it. I have 5 kids under the age of 7, so there's a reeeeeally good chance at least one of my kids won't like whatever I've made for dinner. But this soup....this glorious soup was loved by ALL. Even my 5 year old who somehow lives on peanut butter and unicorn tears ate TWO bowls. So, seriously...I couldn't love this soup more if I tried. While they ate theirs with cheese and tortilla strips, I got to hoard the black bean salsa all to myself. Perfection. Thank you.

    1. Once again, I thank you for such a kind comment. I LOVE that your kids will eat it. My daughter has 3 children that live off cereal. They will eat the cream chicken noodle soup, but that's about it. I'll have to suggest this recipe to her. Thanks again for your comment.

  13. I'm gonna try this this week!!
    Can't wait... so excited! :)

    1. Please let me know what you think about the soup. I hope you love it.

  14. This is mine and my husband favorite soup! We are doing a soup cook off and I am going to use this recipe. I am in it to win it. :). what do you think is your most popular soup on your blog?

    1. You have great taste! This is probably the most pinned soup recipe. my husband loves this soup as well. Good luck on the contest. I think it's a winner!

    2. I will have to let you know the results! I can't normally get my husband to eat soup but this does the trick. I feel confident it will do pretty well. Thanks for the recipe and all your others as well. I love following your blog. I got your name from Dr. Blood. :) I used to work with him. When you see him next tell him Erika from Alta View says hi. We've moved so I've lost contact with him.

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  16. Great flavor! I substituted pinto beans for the corn and served with corn tortilla and jack cheese quesadillas. It was a hit!

  17. I'm not crazy about black beans either but they are growing on me,