Break Time

Have I mentioned that I have been one busy woman?  I ran the Utah Valley Marathon on June 12th then I ran the Utah Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay (what a riot) June 18-19th.  Sooo I haven't posted as often as I would like. 

I'll be leaving for a Pioneer Trek June 23-26.  THEN I will be going to a girls camp June 30-July1st.  Dang it! I have to take a break for a couple of weeks. I can't wait to get back to cooking.  I have a list of fabulous recipes that I'm anxious to post.  Please come back after July 4th for more great summer recipes. 

I know I only share pictures of food, but I just had to let you take a peek at 6 tough women!  This is part of my relay team for the Ragnar Relay race.  Good times...good times....


  1. CONGRATS on all of your running accomplishments! And, thanks again for the chocolate chip cookie recipe. I just got done making them for youth conference. Well, I ate a couple too =).

  2. No wonder you could blog about food, YOU"RE A RUNNER. NOt fair, Not fair at all. Hummmph!!!!
    I'm going to start running so I eat your divine recipes.

    Luv LIsa

  3. Joni, I'm so glad you love the chocolate chip recipe. I saw your dad at the Utah Valley Marathon. that was so fun to see him.

    Lisa, I run to eat! Now I just love to run. So glad you have you checking out my blog. Keep in touch!