My kitchen

I generally spend most of my day in my kitchen.  I love being in my kitchen.  It is the central location for all activity in our home.  This is where I have the most memories of our family of six.  My kitchen is where my son and his friends set up isles for their art parties.  It's where we made "dry ice volcanoes" and had water dripping from the ceiling and cupboards (so fun).  Many homework and science projects where completed here.  It's been the home to many cooking classes for friends and family.  My kitchen is where all friends gather in hopes that the cookie jar is full.  The list could go on and on.  I think THE greatest memory of my kitchen is FOOD. 

This is where I'm going to share my collection of recipes that I have gathered over the years.  With hopes that you will create lasting memories in your kitchen with your family. 

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  1. You have the most fabulous kitchen in the world. I learned to make perfect pie dough in your kitchen... gosh, can it be ten years ago?

    Love the introductory post. I've already read the other two recipes, but I had to start posting by starting here.

    I look forward to many more!